Originally produced as a commissioned painting for a long time collector of Stephen King books and memorabilia.  Someone who ultimately became a good friend to me.  The original painting ‘Emptiness’ is an acrylic on canvas painting and was purely taken from one simple sentence: “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed”.  A quote taken from Stephen King’s first book of The Dark Tower series, ‘The Gunslinger’ .

The hot, baked and cracked surface of a barron, empty desert somewhere in mid-world, months of endless travel with virtually no food or water, chasing the mysterious man in black.  Gaunt and exhausted, Roland the gunslinger must continue until he reaches The Dark Tower…

This digital giclee is a pristine reproduction of the original painting, image measures 40cm x 59cm and is printed on the highest quality acid free fine art paper stock.

£60 plus shipping.



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