‘Palaver’ is a cold cast resin piece available in either a real antique bronze or antique silver patina.  A solid bronze Name/Limitation plate is mounted on the back.  This sculpture depicts The Man In Black during the ‘Palaver’ scene in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, The Gunslinger.  This piece measures 9 x 11 inch which can be hung on a wall or it could also be stood on a picture stand, a bookshelf or other furniture, if you prefer.  It also comes with a toothed wall hanger attached so it is ready to hang.

A limited edition of 50 pieces available worldwide in bronze or silver.  I will also be offering 5 hand painted editions numbered 1-5 (making a total limitation of only 55 pieces).  The hand painted editions can all be made with either an ivory/bone, antique bronze or antique silver frame.  Each sculpture will be painted in a unique way so no two will be the same.  You can choose the setting of the scene, for example, sunrise, sunset, starry night, thunderstorm etc.  See the photos below for examples of those which I have already completed and sold to customers.  The starry night scene in the photos is different to all the others as the customer commissioned extra custom sculpting of the animal bones littered around the ground and the card beginning to burn in the flames licking up from the fire.  Extras such as this are sometimes possible depending on the sculpture finish and your requirements but at an added cost which is arranged dependent on the work undertaken.

Antique bronze or antique silver are £160 including shipping, packaging and insurance to the UK and £175 to the USA.  Shipping to other countries will be quoted upon ordering.  £20 GBP from every sale of bronze or silver editions will be donated to the Haven Foundation.  Please quote bronze or silver when filling in the order form.

Hand painted editions are £385 GBP plus shipping.  £100 will be donated to the Haven Foundation for each of the 5 sales.  Please quote hand painted when filling in the order form.  Please note only two of the hand painted editions are still available (number 3 or number 5).





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