He Sat On His Throne Which Is Made Of Skulls

A new sculpture licensed and appraised by Michael Whelan and based upon Michael’s painting for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower VII.  The book was originally Published by Donald. M. Grant in the USA and Hodder & Stoughton in the UK.

Michael has had input from the very beginning and reviewed every detail of the sculpture as I worked on it.  It has been my most challenging work to date and I can only hope that collectors, fans of The Dark Tower and Michael’s work, as well as my own work, approve of the finished piece and of course Stephen King and Michael Whelan himself.  It has been a pleasure to have worked with Michael to make this sculpture happen!

Please take the time to visit  www.michaelwhelan.com to see the original image this sculpture is based upon and other amazing works of art by one of todays true masters in his field

A highly detailed piece cast in blended resin and white marble.  Available in two editions, hand painted or a real bronze achieved using a specialised plating technique.  A limited edition of only 250 pieces made available worldwide, including only 99 hand painted and 151 antique bronze.

Each sculpture is mounted onto a solid cherry wood base with a unique custom cut edge profile shaped to the side-on profile of a human skull.  The base also has a deep undercut which gives the sculpture an aesthetic floating effect but also acts as a finger grip to aid in picking the sculpture up from a surface.

The Jesters Staff is cast in solid bronze and the hand painted edition is painted to match in with the sculpture and the original painting.

Measures 34cm at the widest (bottom of the wood base) by 40cm height.  Comes supplied in a custom designed hand made ATA approved flight case which measures 48cm x 48cm x 48cm.  The sculpture weighs approximately 15Kg.  The total shipping weight when packed is approximately 30kg.

Every sculpture comes with a numbered limitation plate mounted into the wooden base and a certificate of authenticity signed by both Michael Whelan and I.

Price and Purchase Information

£1999 including shipping, packaging and insurance to the UK, USA, Canada and most EU countries.  Shipping to other countries will be estimated upon ordering/enquiring but if in doubt please use the contact form in the navigation menu to enquire before ordering.  In order to give a shipping estimate we will need your full address so please include this when contacting us.  Any excess shipping costs to your address will be additional to the included shipping and will be notified and charged at the time of shipping.  There may be shipping surcharges to remote addresses.  Customs fees, import fees, customs duty, state taxes, VAT etc are the responsibility of the customer and are beyond my control.

You may choose to pay in full for your order (this would be preferred as your sculpture could be made immediately and shipped as soon as it is ready) but I am offering two payment plan options for this sculpture:

Option 1:  £500 non refundable deposit paid upon placing an order followed by two payments of £500 and a final payment of £499.  Payments are monthly.

Option 2:  £500 non refundable deposit paid upon placing an order followed by four payments of £300 and a final payment of £299.  Payments are monthly.

If you wish to order using one of the payment plans then please state on the order form “Payment Plan Option 1 (or 2)”.  You will receive a terms and conditions email explaining the plan in more detail before we finalise your order.  Your sculpture would not be made until you have paid in full if using a payment plan option.

All payments are invoiced and fulfilled through Paypal.

All sculptures are made to order on a first come first served basis.  Matching numbers to previous purchases can be arranged and, if desired, then please state your previous number that you wish to match with this sculpture.  If you wish to match a number then order quickly or contact me so that we can discuss it.  I can only hold specific numbers for a reasonable time and if you will definitely be placing an order.  If you do not place an order or contact me to discuss matching your number then your number may be allocated to another customer and sold.

Each sculpture takes approximately 8 weeks to make and finish but I am only one person.  As orders come in then each order paid in full will be placed in a queue and I will complete each order and ship as soon as humanly possible, please be patient.  If on a payment plan you will be queued only when you make the final payment.

Please quote hand painted or bronze when filling in the order form.

If you wish to place an order please click the Order button at the bottom of the page and fill out the order form.

Please click on the photographs below to see larger images and visit the gallery area of the website from the navigation menu for many more detailed photographs of both editions of this sculpture.





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